Tire Services

Tire Changes & Replacements*

Today’s farming and agricultural machinery is becoming increasingly larger and more powerful than ever before. That means the tires on that equipment are getting taller, wider and heavier in order to carry hefty loads on muddy, uneven fields without increasing soil compaction. For service technicians needing to lift, maneuver, repair and replace those massive tires, having the right equipment to handle and service the tires can make all the difference in your daily productivity.

Whether you’re dealing with tires on tractors, combines, sprayers, skid-steer loaders or any other kind of farming equipment, a rugged and robust CB Services truck, equipped with a tire-handling crane or tire manipulator, can help you conquer any challenge in the rapidly changing agricultural industry.

*Currently offering heavy truck and agricultural tires only.

**Partnered with a nationwide tire distributor, we can guarantee quality with your convenience.

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